Insomnia and Other Things

The one good thing about insomnia is that I get a lot done... That said, I'd rather still be asleep right now, but the electrician is back today and the mere thought of that man and his chaotic working methods makes me so stressed I want to scream. Or alternatively bury him under the new patio.

Still, I've done a lot of work towards Lynne's birthday dinner on Saturday, emptied the dishwasher, updated a different website, and fed the cats. I've also managed to complete the 2016 travel backfilling, and the Germany trips, including, Hamburg, Berlin and our Mosel(le) Road Trip in 2017, which I still look back on fondly.

Oh, and for strange, there's Den Bosch and the Hieryonmous Bosch 500 celebrations.

More Backfilling

It's quite satisfying to be able to update easily (relatively anyway) by exporting from Wordpress and copying and pasting (with a few necessary tweaks) though occasionally a whole load of extraneous code seems to be included inexplicably, and every so often it does some seriously weird things to hyperlinks!

I have now added our French road trip of 2018 and our Alsace and Baden road trip of 2019 as well as a visit to Monte Carlo in 2018.

There would have been a 2020 northern Spanish road trip but that didn't of course happen. The only trip I managed in 2020 was a January visit to Copenhagen for work.


I've decided that if I'm going to use this journal, and I really feel I should, then I need to fill in the gaps between 2016 or thereabouts when I went quiet. That will mean that a lot of stuff appears on the "front page" before being shuffled off to the date when it actually happened. I'll try not to drive you all nuts but if you feel inclined to read I'd also be quite happy! I'll work in blocks of subject matter so having posted the first day of our 2016 road trip to Finland back when it actually happened, I've now added the rest of the trip!

Today I added some posts about a 2018 pair of work trips to the Ukraine and am about to add the Copenhagen material, because I've spent the last fours years working for a Danish company which had meant regular visits to that fine city, at least until Covid-19 struck. I really hope I'll be there again soon, because I love the place.



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