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Race Circuits of the World!

Ramblings from the Race Track and other Random Locations

12 January 1959
What can I say? I'm an Oxbridge-educated Anglo-German 50+ year old professional writer (technical author to you, sunshine despite a job title that now says User Information Manager), with an obsession with motorsport - particularly Formula Three (and a consequent sideline as a motorsports journalist and photographer), a tendency to drink too much Champagne, and an ever-increasing collection of books and DVDs.

After a 10-year spell as a contract technical author roaming round Europe like some high-tech nomad (France, Belgium, Austria, back to Belgium, a brief spell in the UK, the Netherlands, and finally France again), I finally bit the bullet and in 2004 took my first permanent job since 1994. Since then, I went back to contract work for a whilw, but now I'm in a permanent role again, this time managing the technical authoring/translation department.

So what annoys me apart from airports? Bad writing, people who are not open-minded, bureaucracy, modern packaging, removal men... the list goes on. Oh, and did I mention that I loathe airports? If you ever hear of some woman having an attack of air-rage at Heathrow, it could very well be me!

I'll be using this LJ for all sorts of things, including archiving race reports, press releases, and related bits of motorsport writing and photography as done by myself and Lynne. These can be located in the memories section, and are available to anyone to see as they're already in the public domain. However, the copyright still belongs to us... with all that that implies (and one of the things that that implies is that if I catch you doing it, I will come after you).

I'll also be adding pieces of my own original fiction, which is always going to be friends only because I want to protect my copyright.

Friends: Should you decide to add me, please let me know!

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